Serviced Apartments are Beautiful

It’s often the case that many people view serviced apartments as being ‘a bit corporate‘ but we like to think ours are far from that. In fact, we would go as far as to say they are beautiful, even more beautiful than many hotel rooms. We spend a large amount of time working on the interiors of our serviced apartments, we put effort into every single room.



Our bathrooms come with a shower and often a bath too, from the taps to towels, everything is luxury. Just take a look at these images:




More than just the perfect place to rest, our bedrooms are designed with comfort, luxury and practicality in mind. When staying for a long time, you’ll have plenty of storage, but still with the softest sheets and comfiest mattress (and plenty of cushions).



Often the hub of many homes, the kitchen has to be gorgeous, and if you don’t mind us saying, ours most definitely are! From the hob to the cupboards and all the dining facilities in between.


Space to relax

Not only do our serviced apartments have the usual spaces you would get by renting an apartment, we also go out of our way to provide loads of space to relax, from balconies to lounges.




Hopefully this blog has persuaded you that our serviced apartments can be beautiful!

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