Culture in Milton Keynes

June 22nd, 2015

Milton Keynes is still classed as the ‘new city’ but what it’s lacking in age, it certainly makes up for in culture! From music venues to museums, we’ve put together our top four cultural bits and pieces that we have on offer here in Milton Keynes. There is of course lots more than these!

1. Bletchley Park


Just outside the main centre, Bletchley Park is known for its’ secret WW2 codebreaking huts and blocks. So much so, that there’s a film all about it called The Imitation Game starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Bletchley park has beautiful buildings and grounds and often holds a number of events. You can take a look at them all here

2. MK Museum


Located in Stacey Hill Farm, this museum looks at the history behind both the north and south Buckinghamshire areas. It also included information on the UK’s last ‘new city’ – Milton Keynes. You can go back in time, back to school in the victorian times, or experience a WW2 air raid shelter.

What to see at MK Museum.

3. The National Bowl


One of the most popular venues in Milton Keynes, this open-air arena is full of culture. In a nutshell it’s a grass amphitheatre, however it has held numerous events, from Pear Jam to Robbie Williams.

4. MK Theatre


This 1400 seat auditorium has been open for over 15 years now and is one of the largest live entertainment venue’s in the region. It often hosts local theatre productions as well as national productions, from the Christmas Panto, to comedy shows from the likes of Jimmy Carr.


We are sure you’ll agree that Milton Keynes is a place of culture, yes, it’s a modern city but it doesn’t go without it’s fair share of art, history and enjoyment. There is plenty to do here, whatever your interests may be.


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