Enjoy the sun in Milton Keynes

May 25th, 2017

With the hottest day recorded for the month of May since 1994, we thought it would be worth while taking a look at some of the amazing things you can do in Milton Keynes to enjoy this perfectly un-Brittish weather whilst visiting the city. 


We've recently produced a blog about eating outside and the alfresco dining options for Milton Keynes - they are definitely worthwhile taking a visit in this hot weather. You can find that blog here: Summer in Milton Keynes


But what else can you get up to? 


One of our favourite things to do in Milton Keynes is enjoyed some water, and we don't mean to drink, we mean water sports! Milton Keynes has some fabulous locations for this, most notable is Willen Lake. Willen Lake is well known for the amazing water sports, from sailing to wakeboarding - there is really a water sport for everyone! Perfect for cooling off. 

If you're not one for adrenaline, then you can still enjoy the beauty of many of the lakes in Milton Keynes, perhaps with a picnic and a few drinks with friends, alternatively you could visit one of the restaurants at the lakes for some food outside in the sunshine. 


Some of our other favourite little things to do in the sun: 


- Visit The Hub:MK - the water feature and outdoor dining options are great. 


- Grab a frisbee and visit the park - there are loads in Milton Keynes. 


- Relax on the balcony - many of our serviced apartments (not all) have balconies for you to enjoy. 


Whatever you do, be careful of the heat, drink lots of water to stay hydrated and cover up with suncream, shade and sensible clothes. 



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