Five Tips to Save you Money on Business Travel

July 17th, 2015

Business travel can be an expensive prospect – companies large and small spend a vast amount of money each year on trips for their employees. While business meetings and buying trips are increasingly occurring on online platforms, there is no denying the efficacy and need for face to face meetings.

In order to save money for your company on your next business trip, here are some valuable tips that savvy travellers swear by.

1. Stay an extra day


While this one seems counterintuitive, staying an extra day can often save you money, as you shop for better flight/ train prices, receive multi-night stay discounts at your accommodation, arrange additional business meetings and relax with clients in a non-meeting setting, if appropriate.

2. Use a points-accruing credit card


Never pay for your business travel expenses with cash; using a credit card that accrues points (toward flights or cash back) will help you to keep track of your expenses to the penny while giving you the advantage of free rewards. Your card will also often give you the best rates on foreign currency conversion.

3. Stay at a serviced apartment instead of a hotel


Not only are serviced apartments often more affordable than hotels or AirBnBs, they are imminently more comfortable and relaxing for the business traveller. Particularly if you are travelling for an extended duration, a serviced apartment can offer you all of the comforts of home: a fully stocked kitchen, comfortable full bedroom, full bathroom facilities and space to entertain. Staying in a serviced apartment in Milton Keynes, London and Manchester are increasingly popular with business travellers from around the world.

4. String multiple trips together (if possible)


If you have multiple business trips across a region planned over the course of a few months, always reorganise your schedule (if possible) in order to turn this into one extended trip with multiple stops. While this may sound more exhausting at first, it will actually save you money on flights, car rental and most importantly, your productivity.

5. Book as early as possible


Business trips can often spring up unexpectedly, but whenever it is possible to book in advance you should absolutely take advantage of getting your plans sorted as early as possible. Booking last minute often means that you pay full price for your plane tickets, your rail travel, hotel accommodation and even on car rental.

No matter what industry you work in, following these tips will help you to save money on your next business trip.


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