Serviced Apartments in Milton Keynes, for the family…

February 18th, 2016

There is a common issue when traveling with family or in groups and that is finding somewhere to stay together. Often hotels may not have adjacent rooms or even rooms on the same floor, however, our serviced apartments in Milton Keynes are well suited for the family.


Why are serviced apartments suited for all the family?


1. Space


The most noticeable difference between a serviced apartment and a hotel in Milton Keynes is space, on average, serviced apartments have 40% more space, including a larger chill out space, larger bedrooms and bathrooms. Think of it like this, if you’ve ever lived in an apartment or seen one, a serviced apartment is exactly like this – fantastically sized accommodation!


2. Families need feeding


Let’s face it, eating out is expensive on your own, never mind with all the family. Eating in hotels can be expensive too, however, serviced apartments and serviced houses are one of few accommodation types to really combat this problem. A fully fitted kitchen and dining facilities allow you or whoever is the chef in the family to cook. Most of our serviced apartments have a supermarket nearby too. We estimate that this could save you a whopping £60/night depending on the restaurants you pick!


3. Stay together


The reason you and your family go away together is to spend time together, not to sit around in separate hotel rooms not talking. With serviced apartments, when you get back you can all sit and relax together, have something to eat, watch TV or open a bottle of wine.


4. Bedrooms 


Why book separate hotel rooms just because you want separate bedrooms? A serviced apartment will give you this without the added cost of rooms for each couple or person. We have a 4-bed townhouse for example which sleeps six people easily and we can always add temporary beds.


So, next time you’re thinking of booking somewhere to stay with all the family or a group, think of our serviced apartments.


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