The Ultimate Serviced Apartment Guide

February 1st, 2016

Serviced apartments are still a new concept, although they have been around for a while, the concept is discovered by more and more people each year. We take a look at what serviced apartments are, what types of serviced apartments you can find, the benefits and drawbacks as well as the costs. We also take a look at what makes a good serviced apartment company to go with.

It’s important to understand what serviced apartments are all about before booking one for your next stay!

What are serviced apartments


So, what are serviced apartments? A serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment available for both short-term as well as long-term stays, providing all the hotel-like amenities. Serviced apartments are self-catered option for both corporate and leisure guests looking for somewhere to stay that is homelier and more convenient compared to a hotel or other type of accommodation.

Types of serviced apartment accommodation

There are a number of different types of serviced apartment accommodation, where a hotel room tends to be double or twin, serviced apartments tend to vary on the number of rooms. You may, for example have a serviced studio apartment, or a two-bed serviced apartment. Depending on the company you book with you may have either double beds in each room or twin beds in one (or more).

There are other things to consider here too. Generally, there are three types to think about – an apart-hotel, single apartments or a mix of the two. An apart-hotel, where you get some of the benefits of a hotel, such as a 24hour reception, sometimes you can get B&B options too. Single apartments are residential apartments which have been turned into serviced apartments, these tend to be bigger and have a homelier feel. Some companies offer a half-way house to this, where serviced apartments may not all be in the same block but there is a 24hour concierge and other facilities available.


Serviced apartments have a whole bunch of benefits. Including providing the guest with more flexibility and a comfortable space for living providing all the comforts of home when away from home.

Serviced apartments have a lot more space than a standard hotel room and all ours come with a fully fitted kitchen. As well as this they are flexible and offer more freedom than a hotel.

Facilities tend to be better within the rooms as well compared to that of a hotel, B&B or other type of accommodation. All our serviced apartments in Milton Keynes and Bedford come with a fully fitted kitchen, Sky Movies and Sports as well as an allocated secure car parking space.

When comparing serviced apartments to other self-catered accommodation you also benefit from a maid service similar to that of a hotel.


There really aren’t many drawbacks to a serviced apartment, however if you are really picky then you may not be able to go for a swim in the hotel spa, or have a restaurant on site. But this doesn’t mean you can’t go to the local spa or nearby restaurants – you may even get discount for staying with a local serviced apartment company and will have a choice of different types of food.

Corporate or leisure

Serviced apartments are often considered as a corporate solution, but are becoming more popular for the leisure traveler too.

Corporate – For the long-term or corporate traveler, serviced apartments are great, most noticeably for the freedom, cost benefits and homely feel. You will probably be able to find a much better location as well as get the rewards from free parking. If you’re looking to entertain guests, then serviced apartments are also a great option. With dining facilities in all our serviced apartments. There has also been an 86% increase in companies using serviced apartments over hotels according to BigHospitality.co.uk

Leisure – Leisure travelers are using serviced apartments more and more. Why? Not just because of the homely feel or the extra space but also because of the fact your can share the cost between a group of friends or book just one apartment for the whole family. When comparing this to hotel prices in places like Milton Keynes and Bedford then this can save a lot of money.

Most importantly, leisure travelers are getting all the benefits of a hotel and the luxury stay in one of our serviced apartments definitely gives you a super stay!


There is a problem with other types of accommodation – location! You often find that hotels, B&Bs and so on are located slightly too far from where you need to be. Serviced apartments offer a solution, especially with single apartments (see above), this is because they are located in residential blocks which are ideally suited for people working in the centre of the town or city.


One major attraction to serviced apartments is the multi-level cost saving for both leisure and corporate accommodation.

There is more than one way to save money, first and most importantly is with your direct booking, booking direct is often cheaper, but per-person a serviced apartment is a hell of a lot cheaper than the average cost of a hotel room. With more than a couple being able to stay in each ‘room’.

You can also save on other areas too – parking, most serviced apartments come with a parking space, ours do! Food, cooking for yourself and everyone else in the apartment can really save money, no need to eat out in expensive restaurants or hotel bars!

Picking the right company

Now you know a bit more about serviced apartments, it’s time to understand what makes a great serviced apartment company. The main thing to look out for is good customer service, read reviews on TripAdvisor to make sure the staff are friendly! Secondly, choose a company with more than a few apartments, companies with 1 or 2 serviced apartments may not have the capabilities to deal with your needs during your stay if something goes wrong or you need some help. Thirdly, the apartments, pick somewhere that is going to suit you, you can sometimes ask for a look round before hand if you want to see an example of where you may be staying!


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