Top Travel Tips

March 9th, 2017

Traveling can be a stressful experience, especially when it’s not necessarily for leisure and it’s more for business. That being said, there are some simple tips and techniques for making it a whole lot better, it’s been a hot topic in the office and here’s what we’ve come up with.




This is Megan’s tip and it makes a lot of sense – staying hydrated on long journeys is vital for having the best journey possible. It makes you feel a lot better and less likely to get travel sick whilst flying, driving or traveling by train.


Pack for all eventualities


Lauren recommends packing for a number of eventualities, typically, English weather can be a bit unreliable, so make sure you pack a coat and possibly an umbrella, but also something for a few different occasions. There’s nothing worse than popping out for a nice meal but without the clothes to wear… Don’t forget, each of our serviced apartments have a wide selection of storage.


Check the weather report


Although you need to pack for all eventualities, Bethany suggests checking the weather forecast before you travel so you know roughly what to pack and what to expect. On top of this, always take some comfy shoes, there’s nothing worse than getting blisters or uncomfortable if you have to do a lot of walking.


Eat in


Eating out can be pricey and unhealthy, pack some food for your journey but also think about doing a small food shop when you arrive. Ben says that eating in will not only save you money, but it will also make your trip a whole lot more homely.


Roll don’t fold


Ivana is a genius when it comes to packing, her top tip for packing is to roll your clothes, not to fold! Folding causes creases that you don’t want, and who wants to iron when they arrive? Rolling doesn’t cause creases and reduces the air around your clothes and therefore takes up less space. Just roll with it…


Be ‘appy’…


Don’t worry, be happy… or appy! Mark’s advice is to download some useful apps before you go, this could include a translation app or guide app for the local area. You can also download tickets for flights etc. on your phone which can save on the paperwork you need to take when you go away.

We hope that the next time you travel you are a lot less stressed and the whole experience is a lot smoother and more comfortable – enjoy it!


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