Why serviced apartments make life easier when it comes to hotels in Milton Keynes.

May 3rd, 2016

Business travel in Milton Keynes can be stressful – you’re away from family, a new environment and you don’t know where to go or what to do, but our serviced apartments take the stress out of business travel and make a great alternative to hotels in Milton Keynes.


Serviced apartments are the stress-free option when it comes to business travel and here is why:




Staying in hotels is not normal, living in a space that is nothing like a home is definitely not suited for any kind of routine. Serviced apartments however do, they offer a lounge to chill out in and watch TV, a separate bedroom, bathroom and a kitchen – all like being at home.


Stress free evenings


In our opinion, there is nothing worse than having to find somewhere to eat after a hard days work, when all your want to do is put something in the oven and stay in. Serviced apartments offer a fully equipped kitchen which allows you to do this, something that a hotel room does not offer.




There are a number of costs that companies may not cover when you’re traveling on business, do they cover all your food or not quite all of it? If so, eating in for breakfast and dinner will make life a lot cheaper – do they cover parking? All our serviced apartments come with secure free parking.




It may sound a little odd at first but staying in a hotel can be very unhealthy. Eating out is not healthy at all, so your diet will be better in a serviced apartment, but also the better routine as mentioned above will help mentally. Physically, serviced apartments offer better fitness options, if you want to cycle then you can use the secure bike stores at many of our apartments, the space in our serviced apartments gives you enough freedom to exercise within or relax from a hard work out in one of the nearby gyms!


Thinking about staying in a serviced apartment in Milton Keynes? We are here for you!



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