Spooktacular Serviced Apartments!

Happy Halloween everyone! We wanted to share some of the spooktacular things about serviced apartments and what makes them fabulous for you and all the family this Halloween!

Have you ever tried to carve a pumpkin in a hotel room? No, we thought not, but try as you may in a serviced apartment! The kitchen space is ideal for creating your own masterpiece! Here are some tips to help:

Pick the right pumpkin – luckily you’re not too far from a decent supermarket when staying with us!

Next, cut the lid at a slant – this way it won’t fall in once you’ve emptied out all the pulp.

Before you start carving your design, be sure to draw it on first, this way you just a nice easy design to follow – and it’s as easy as that!

Our next tip is to use a battery powered light in your pumpkin – this way you don’t have to worry about the flame and you’ll get a better distribution. A cheap set of fairy lights would work a treat (or trick?).

If you want to go the extra mile, you could try and make your pumpkin ooze! It looks pretty cool and is great when you’ve got kids – here’s the link to how it works… How to make gruesome pumpkin ooze.

Other things to do in your serviced apartment this Halloween

1. Try some Halloween cocktails

2. Watch one of these 29 Halloween movies.

3. Cook a Pumpkin related dinner


Whatever you choose to do – we are sure you’ll have a great time!


Booking a serviced apartment with us isn’t scary!


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