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City Stay Apartments is seeking properties to manage on your behalf, ensuring that your investment property generates maximum profit.

At City Stay Apartments, we offer a solution for landlords, second home owners, and investors to increase their property's return. We provide short-term lets as serviced accommodation, also known as holiday or business lets. We handle everything from professional photos to guest check-ins, communication, and housekeeping. We take payments from guests and deduct our 15% commission plus the housekeeping fee.

Included in the Commission Fee

  1. Guest Communication: Responding to inquiries promptly, confirm bookings, and provide guests with all necessary information about their stay.

  2. Cleaning and Maintenance arrangement: Ensuring the property is cleaned before and after each guest's stay, and handle any maintenance issues that may arise.

  3. Check-in and Check-out: Coordinate check-in and check-out times with guests, and ensure a smooth process for both.

  4. Pricing and Availability: Optimize the pricing to remain competitive and manage the calendar to maximize occupancy.

  5. Guest Experience: Provide guests with local recommendations and any additional services or amenities they might need.


Our aim is to provide a hassle-free solution for landlords to maximize profits while delivering excellent service to guests. In just a few simple steps, we can get your property ready for bookings. Here’s how:


Fill out the online form or give us a call to discuss your property.


We are happy to offer you the option of meeting at your property or having a video call to discuss how to get the out of your property and advise next steps. We want to ensure that have all the information need to make the best for your property.


We will provide an analysis of potential occupancy, competition, and seasonal pricing. If you are happy to proceed, we can begin the onboarding process.


When your property is ready to take bookings, we will arrange for professional photos to be taken and start adding your property to popular online booking agencies such as, Airbnb, Expedia, and other platforms that we think will suit your property.

Step 5

Your property is now live and available for booking! We can manage every aspect of your home according to your preferences

Property Management

Our services include managing housekeeping and linen changeovers, coordinating maintenance contractors, and assisting guests with check-in. We are available 24/7 to provide guest support.

Increase Revenue

Instead of renting on a standard tenancy agreement, you can boost your monthly income by 40%.

Flexible Diary

Simply let us know the dates you want to use your property, and we will arrange it for you. We also handle cleaning and linen changes, ensuring you can enjoy your holiday home without any hassle.

Online Marketing

To market the property effectively, you can list it on booking platforms with attractive photos, promote it on social media, and use competitive strategies.

Interior & Decor

We will offer complimentary advice on setting up your property and will be available to assist you in preparing it for bookings

Stress Free

We offer you the flexibility to be as involved in managing your property as you wish. Our team collaborates with you to ensure that you maximize the potential of your property.

Have a look at some of the other properties we manage....


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Centro Apartment - Milton Keynes

Get in touch with us to discover how our assistance can benefit you.

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